Come and witness the only command post on landing beaches to have lived 6 days of fightings.


First observation post must to have visualized and announced to Berlin the arrival of the fleet allied in the morning of june 6th, 1944.


Remember the movie "The longest day" : in fact the Marcouf command post was the first to reported to Berlin the information about the landing after the Captain W. Ohmsen discovered the allied armada at 5.20 am with his binocular, and immediatly phone to amiral Hennecke at the forteress of Cherbourg. 


Partially destroyed during the war, flooded over the years, he remained closed since 1944.


Two years of works were necessary to re-condition him and to open him for 2016.


It is the last opened again vestige of the Atlantic wall on landing beaches.


Guided tour in English :


It is the second the most important German command post of the landing beaches.


This site is partially underground. He is constituted by 10 rooms on 3 floors.


According to a unique principle, without showcase, the visitors browse freely the inside of the museum and can touch collector's items.


Accompnied with the guide them discover the story of every room.


The total visit of the site lasts approximately 45mm.





The visit is entirely made shielded from the bad weather and the bunker is warmed with its system of origin in cold period.



Rates 2018 :


 - Adult = 6 €

 - Family : Child less than 15 years = free



Next opening days on march :  7, 12, 13, 18, 19, 21, 26 and 28


between 11 am and 5.00 pm (5 pm for the last visit)


And after reservation for a minimum of 5 visit for other days.




Other services :

 - Refreshment stand, coffee

 - Souveniers shop

 - Area of free picnic