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The Command Post is the central point and the major work (10 pieces, 4 levels) Batteries Crisbecq originally formed about 34 buildings, part of which is still abandoned in the peerings nearby.

It falls into the category of large firing positions and observation of the German coastal batteries of the Atlantic Wall with the Large Bunker of Ouistréam, the Grand Blockhaus of Batz sur mer and that of Pointe St. Mathieu in Brest, today restored and visitable in France.

After 72 years of oblivion you can finally discover the inside of the Crisbecq Batteries Command Post whose story inspired one of the most famous scenes from the movie "The Longest Day", when their position as observation the Germans see the arrival of allied ships at dawn on June 6, but Hollywood had distorted the reality for the convenience of the film.


Learn about the history of the Utah Beach cannons during a guided tour of the interior of the Crisbecq Crisbecq Battery Burial Command Post, consisting of 10 pieces and a 4-level anti-aircraft turret, rare to have been equipped with 1943 of a periscopic armored dome.

Of the more than 12,000 blockhouses built on the entire Atlantic Wall to face a possible landing of the Allies, the command post of the battery "Marcouf" was the only one to have fulfilled its role on this wall of the impossible , held for 6 days by the battery commander, Walter Ohmsen.
He has twice been visited by Marshal Rommel during the construction of the Atlantic Wall.
He fought the first American paratroopers from 1:30 am on the 6.6.44, and faced multiple sea, air and land attacks during the 6 days of fighting.

Partially destroyed during the war, flooded over the years, he remained closed since 1944.


Two years of works were necessary to re-condition him and to open him for 2016.


It is the last opened again vestige of the Atlantic wall on landing beaches.


Guided visit


The guided tour will allow you to locate the batteries of Crisbecq among the set of German fortified points positioned facing the landing beaches and discover its history by being immersed directly in the heart of the Command Post, from its construction to its destruction, passing by the 6 days of fighting in June 44.

Upon entering the first level buried you will discover the impressive traces left by the American explosives in August 1944.
You will cross the main room, where Marshal Rommel came twice to set the objectives of building the batteries, equipped with 2 German phones of origin from 1942, still operational, in which you can converse 77 years after their manufacture!

Through a hollow wall you will then access a small room which housed one of the 2 machine guns protecting the rear of the Command Post.

Back in the heart of the bunker you can discover the room of the non-commissioned officers and the telephone switchboard (which connected Saint Marcouf to the Fortress of Cherbourg), where the telephone rang on the night of June 11, 1944; Admiral Hennecke personally calling Captain Ohmsen to order him to evacuate the battery for lack of reinforcements and ammunition. For those who wish you can test the "comfort" bunk beds of 1944.

Highlight of the visit, the climb into the observation post room from where official information about the arrival of allies at the dawn of June 6, the famous scene traced by the film "Le jour le longer "(via the telephone line connecting it to the Fortress of Cherbourg) with the direct view of the Saint Marcouf Islands around which the American fleet had positioned itself waiting for the H. hour of the landing on Utah Beach.

Back in the heart of the Command Post you will enter the well that housed the periscopic bell, before continuing the visit down into the second basement of the bunker where you will cross the chamber of the troop, with again the spectacular traces of one of the American explosions of the month of August 1944, rooms in which the last survivors of the battery had been left the morning of June 12 to wait for the capitulation of the battery (21 seriously wounded infansportable + 1 nurse).

Finally you will have the opportunity to climb on the roof of the bunker to access the 4th level where the anti-aircraft turret was located, and then to the panoramic view of the battery of Crisbecq with a breathtaking view of the islands of Saint Marcouf, first land conquered by the Allies on the morning of June 6th, 1944.



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The visit is entirely made shielded from the bad weather and the bunker is warmed with its system of origin in cold period.



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